Mountains of plastic waste near Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur (Greenpeace)

It’s been nearly half a century since our industry released the “Crying Indian” spot and it’s a very different planet now. Why aren’t we any closer to saving it?

On Earth Day 1971, a TV spot hit the airwaves that redefined what we in the ad industry believed 60 seconds…

Nobody invents the iPhone who isn’t enraged by the Treo

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Let’s begin with rain gutters. Specifically, K-style gutters. The kind that are almost certainly on your house. They are, in fact, the very worst example of product design in the history of product design. Worse than hydrogen-filled zeppelins, bitcoin, Friendster, or the 37 different dongles you need to plug something…

We just lost a copywriting race with the robots. Scary, right? (Author’s illustration.)

I’m pretty sure AI is going to become our creative partner. But will it get our jokes?

A few weeks back I learned, from the excellent Studio360 podcast that you should definitely subscribe to, that the very place where Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clarke hatched the idea for 2001: A Space Odyssey, Trader Vic’s on 5th Avenue, is now the site of New York’s flagship Apple Store…

The earliest, sleep-deprived days at BaM. Sharing a desk and spending big on imported mineral water.

So, this is how we started, 20 years ago. And it’s is a real grasshopper and ant story — it aligns with the fable up to a point, except here, the ant saves the grasshopper’s ass instead of letting him starve to death like the idiots grasshoppers apparently are.

See, I had not been planning to leave my job, nor get fired. I had made a lasting friendship or two at the former agency, and in most of the decade I was there, it was rewarding work. But by 1999, I was considered a disruptive force, and not in…

Everyone in the agency had worked for years to build a brand, and suddenly it was obsolete.

I’m a total gadget nerd. I’ve been an early adopter since there were adoptable anythings you could get earlier than other people could. I had an Apple Newton. I had two Newtons actually, because surely the second one would work.

I was also one of the first few hundred people in the world to have a smartwatch, and I mean way, way earlier than you think. Because Microsoft made one in 2004, and while it told you the time and current weather on a screen that was more Tamagotchi than…

Interior branding models we built in the early days of BaM, when BaM was just 4 people

Around 1985, my college girlfriend and I rode 500 miles round-trip with Mark in his dangerously undermaintained VW Beetle — holes in the floorboards, no muffler or luxuries like a heater — through freezing rain to West Virginia to see some of the country’s leading graphic designers lecture and be…

Scott C Montgomery

Scott is a founder and Executive Chairman for creative firm Bradley and Montgomery ( He’s based in Studio City, CA

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